About Us

Urbanizd Skillz Design Suite is a boutique creative design company, that specializes in creative and out-of-the ordinary approaches to creating amazing Graphic Design & Media Design solutions, that are aimed to lead at our customer’s success. From illustration to animation, to logos and flyers, we are competent to fulfill your needs. Started in 2002, we bring our passion, as well as many years of experience to every project we take on. We love to conceptualize and execute vibrant, out of the box design to your product or brand. We are a versatile team of highly skilled and talented creatives, art directors, graphic and web designers, and strategic marketing specialists, who appreciate the power of visual communication & design, and their ability to reach out.

Urbanizd Skillz is comprised of two women, Livinelay [nycita]  & bigDEElight.

Livinelay [nycita] is a passionate and dedicated graphic designer, artist and illustrator. She’s worked her way to be recognized in this field and her art doesn’t disappoint. In addition to being CEO & Co-Founder of Urbanizd Skillz, she owns Last1st Inc - A Graphic Design & Art Direction Company based in Los Angeles, California. Her skills range from traditional to digital illustration, print and web design, to photography and art direction. Design is her passion and how she chooses to express herself and share her interests with the world. She is an honoree in her professional field, and holds a degree in Visual Communications & Graphic Design. You can request quotes if you would like to work with her! Currently accepting new clients / projects and eager to visualize your ideas. Follow her on Instagram!

bigDEElight is a driven web and graphic designer. As a self-taught designer, she has been fortunate enough to earn opportunities to work with many notable figures in the Arts & Entertainment industry. She loves identity/brand and web design. She holds a Master of Public Policy degree as well as a BA in African American Studies. If you’d like to work with her, you may email or request a quotebigDEElight is available for new clients/projects.